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Freedom is a journey, not a destination! We should focus on keeping the freedom we have while striving to achieve that freedom we need. In the beginning land was owned by the natives. After many years of conflict and wars, natives eventually lost most of their land. Today we are allowed to purchase land with homes, but the establishment did not give us unrestricted access to our homes. They created HOA fraud and HOA organized crime as a business to take our homes and deny us our basic rights.

Over the years we have seen the increase of homelessness and poverty seep into the middle class. One of the causes, are Home Owner Associations (HOA) that use an approved business model to take our homes, savings and home equity. Most of our children will find it almost impossible to own a home. Buying a home is a major decision for most, maybe the largest investment we will make. A home is much more than an investment; it’s a sanctuary and a place of refuge that protects our family, and allows us to experience a quality life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am privileged to live in a country that has a Constitution. The greatness and continued success of our country is dependent on our elected officials implementing laws using the Constitution as their guide. Only our elected officials and lawmakers can approve laws to promote fraudulent and oppressive business.

I purchased my home from Lennar Homes in the city of Pembroke Pines, Florida. I received no formal presentation and most of my questions were not answered; I thought I was protected by the Constitution and elected officials. I’ve fought for over 18 years for property rights, unrestricted access and was refused legal recourse in the process. While living in Pembroke Isles community I had 2 cancer surgeries and suffered from narcolepsy, sleep apnea and other chronic stress related illnesses.

Based on my experience and research, I discovered that some of our elected officials and lawmakers partnered with Lennar Homes (the Developer) and made this Home Owner Association (HOA) a legal business. We are forced by the system to accept this business model, leaving us helpless while we suffer in silence. This business model is protected by the Pembroke Pines Police, the local courts and the State of Florida. Corruption and misconduct was the standard in my case. Lennar Homes and some of our elected officials allowed HOA board members and others the power to violate the grand supreme law. This business model is very unhealthy, fraudulent and a type of modern slavery. This type of HOA can be used to promote discrimination, abuse, organized crime, and denies us our civil liberties and property rights.

Pembroke Isles one payment system without a monthly or annual invoice makes it easy to commit fraud. Unjust violations, trespass warnings, open liens on properties, restricted street and gate access is used to control and force home owners to comply. This type of HOA government-approved business is the greatest assault on home ownership, leaving many homeless. It violates our country’s Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence that guarantee us "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. HOA street and gate restriction is a violation of human rights.

Our elected officials should be held accountable through investigation to determine if the law was violated when they created this type of HOA as a business. With love and respect for our elected officials and lawmakers, we are reminding them of their duty to uphold the laws and promises of the Constitution.

All Home Owners Association are not the same, this is my experience. The above information can be verified.

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H. Morrison
HOA Support Group
End HOA Harassment and HOA Scam.

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